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Patient Testimonials

Are you a past study participant? We want to hear from YOU! Click one of the links to leave us a review.

"So all the staff that helped take care of me during and after my stay, I just want to say thank you very much!! It is important what you do to help so many people. I appreciate the kind and patient care you gave me during an after my stay. I was honored to be picked to be a participant in this study! Thank you for helping me feel better!! You are all awesome!! My warmest thanks to you all!" 


January 2020, Arizona

"I did the mini tummy tuck research on June 19. This is the best experience that I have ever had. The stay here was better than any hospital stay that I have had. The doctors and staff are great. They explain everything and listen to the patients. Your nurses gave the greatest care ever. And your night nurses are the sweetest and greatest taking care of their patients. I will recommend the research center to others and will like to do another trial someday. I was nervous at first but I would rather go here then a hospital any day the greatest care ever." 


"I could not have had a better experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, kind, & compassionate. My surgical, and after-care team were stellar! From the first evaluation to discharge everything was explained very carefully and all my questions were answered. I did not feel rushed. My surgeon and anesthetist explained everything thoroughly, including a diagram of my foot showing exactly what the surgery entailed. This was a much better experience than having outpatient surgery and going home with extreme pain and narcotics. Being an inpatient for 4 days meant I could get good care and expert help. I did not have to take ANY narcotics! Here it is only one week later and I am controlling occasional mild pain with ibuprofen. I also stood in the kitchen last night and made delicious Greek lemon soup from scratch! I always was made to feel a part of the team, and a partner in important research."


"This is my second Bunionectomy. I am sitting in my private room at the clinic as I write this. Dr. Gimbel just stopped by to ask how I was feeling and to get any feedback I may have. He is such a kind, humble man that is genuinely interested in my experience at the clinic. Needless to say, the thought of having my bunions removed has nearly paralyzed me. Every one that I had ever spoken to expressed how painful it was and that you will never fully recover full mobility of your foot. In the end, removal was better than the alternative. I contacted the Arizona Research Center after I saw an advertisement on TV explaining that if I qualified I could possibly have the surgery done for free and possibly get paid for it, as well. It is an elective surgery through my insurance company and one that would have been difficult to afford. Timing was perfect. I had no idea how I was going to walk on these feet for another 5 years, let alone another 20 or 30. I'm only 51 and love hiking, working out and just simply walking the beach. Never having surgery before, I was a bit nervous about every aspect but I have found that every staff member that I have had contact with to be gifted with knowledge, kindness, understanding, empathy and compassion. My first surgery went so well I asked if I would be able to have my other foot done. I had to go through the screening a second time which is very simple. Don't get me wrong, it is painful, but the end result is certainly worth every bit of pain and as I am closing in on my last day at the clinic I found that the pain in either foot has not been close to what I thought it would be. The staff is truly incredible, certainly could not have done this without them. I have been blessed to be part of this study and I cannot Thank The Arizona Research Center and the Staff enough. Dr. Gimbel, Dr. Marshall, Dr. Heath, Anne, Kayla, Adriana, Susan, Nicole (Lauren LOL), Kara, Rachael(Pre-Op) Jackie, Estle, Racheal(Recruiting) Sara, Matthew and Tori, Thank You from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!!"


"The most wonderful staff!! I had the best experience you could getting surgery. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!"


"Excellent staff, not sure if I received a placebo or not for my pre knee surgery pain. Never had pain, never had swelling, never had any discomfort! I'm a happy camper, Thank you!"


"Had my Bonion surgery a week ago rhe best things I could of done. The doctors and staff were awesome"


"I'm being discharged today from my bunion clinical research study. There are not enough words to show my gratitude and appreciation to the team of nurses and doctors and administrative facilitators. Every staff member at this facility has been incredibly helpful, genuinely caring and compassionate with my care as well as every other patient in there. My personal experience has been wonderful and outstanding! From the my first consultation with Duchess, who made me feel informed and comfortable in letting me know what to expect. She was great!

When finally in the surgical facility the staff Patricia, Serena, Kathy, Luz, Nathan, Lauren and Marilyn are just the few of the names and faces I saw on a daily. From the day of my surgery to the 4th day of study the whole staff was incredibly attentive to all of my needs. They thorough made sure my roommate and I we comfortable. 3 Fantastic meals were served hot and fresh everyday. My roommate and I got along great, so great we were both discussing when we both wanted to do our other foot for another research study together because our experience was so great! I would highly recommends any of their research studies if it works for you. The team and staff is highly knowledgeable, professional, caring and compassionate at what they do. I'll be back in six month to do my other foot!! Thank you everyone at Arizona Research Center you really put my nerves at ease, preparing and educating me every step of the way!"


"I just did a pain medication study on a full abdominoplasty. This was a fantastic opportunity and experience. I can't say enough about the professionalism and support of the staff, and the facility was more like a surgical resort. Clean, well staffed and the food was amazing.Dr. Desvigne is a skilled surgeon and wound care specialist. He does amazing work. I would give the experience 10 stars if I could. Thank you AZRC!"


"My experience with participating in the bunion study was excellent. Everyone from research coordinators to the physicians were very professional, caring and wonderful. A heartfelt thank you to all of you !"


"Just came from my follow up from my abdominal plasty I had 10 days ago. I can't express enough of what a great experience I have had from beginning to end. I highly recommend this establishment! Amazing office staff, nurses and doctors!"


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